Utilizing faith, hard work,

and determination

to help every child

reach their full potential.



We now offer Virtual Speech Therapy Sessions. Contact us today for more information. 

Why choose Small Talk?


Small Talk has always been a dream, but became a reality in January 2014. As a busy mom I know how difficult it is to get a child the best care he or she may need. Speech therapy is usually an on-going process and as a clinician who has worked in numerous settings, I know many parents/caregivers are unable to continue with the process due to time constraints and work demands. Small Talk is the busy parent’s answer for getting your child the help he or she needs without ever having to take off work or sit in a waiting room. Services can be provided wherever your child is during the day. As I talked to parents in the community, I realized that speech therapy services were not being provided to “all” children. The majority of children in preschool, daycare, or private schools often go without receiving speech therapy services. As a service to the community, Small Talk offers free speech and language screenings to preschools, daycares, private schools, or interested families. Consultations are also free.