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Small Talk provides speech-language screenings, comprehensive speech-language evaluations and therapy services to children from birth to 18 years of age in office, home, daycare, preschool, or private school. Speech and language skills are essential to academic success and learning. Language is the basis of communication. Reading, writing, gesturing, listening and speaking are all aspects of language. The ability to communicate with peers and adults in the educational setting is essential for a student to succeed in school. Children with communication disorders frequently do not perform at grade level. They may struggle with reading, have difficulty understanding and expressing language, challenge following directions, misunderstand social cues, avoid attending school, show poor judgment and have difficulty with tests. Many people hesitate to seek professional advice even though they are concerned about their child's speech and language development. The right time to seek help is when you, as a parent, are concerned. The fact is, babies or toddlers are never too young for a communication skills assessment. Small Talk offers a comprehensive team approach to therapy, which includes your child and your family. Our team is passionate and dedicated to the development of children.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide services and support, and to do that with care, compassion, and confidence. We desire help all children who may function below age-appropriate level and provide support by educating families to understand their child’s needs and empowering them to become an advocate for their child in all situations. 

Our Team

Shamona Miller


Shamona Miller, owner and Speech Language Pathologist. Shamona was raised in Brookhaven and graduated from Brookhaven High School in 2001. She attended Copiah Lincoln Community College and transferred to Jackson State University where she received a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degree in communicative disorders. She also has a certificate of clinical competency (CCC) from the American Speech-Language Association and is licensed by the Mississippi State Department of Health and Mississippi Department of Education.  Shamona has several years of experience providing services to children and their families in numerous settings.  She has worked with children of all ages with a variety of disorders including those with articulation and phonology disorders, delayed or disordered language development, autism, and stuttering, feeding or swallowing disorders. She truly cares for each child as her own and firmly believes that you can overcome any obstacle if you activate faith, hard work and determination.


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